Affordable Soap Favors

Gender reveals, bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, & more!

Why soap favors for a bride?

Marriage and soap actually have something in common!

Did you Know?

Two components are used to make soap: oil & lye. When you combine the two, it goes through a process called saponification. Once complete, soap is the final product! Like marriage, two become one!

Custom Order

Whipped soaps are infused with shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil, & sweet almond oil!

  • Soap Care

    You must let your soap dry between uses. Handmade soap contains natural glycerin. Glycerin is a humectant which means it attracts moisture. Using a draining soap dish ensures a longer lasting bar of soap.

  • Warning

    *Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.

    *Do not get in the eyes or mouth.

    *If you are pregnant, consult a healthcare professional before use.

  • Handmade

    I hand make each batch so please allow for slight variations in size and colors. Heck, sometimes I even change the colors up completely!