How did I get started hand crafting soap?

Short story.

I practiced as a Registered Veterinary Technician for 7 years. I left the field in 2017 to pursue another path. I was unsure what that path would be but I knew I wanted to help people. (I LOVE animals but I also have a huge heart for people). I was presented an opportunity to work for a business that assists individuals with developmental disabilities in living independent lives.

THIS. WAS. IT. My new path.

I have been extremely blessed to work two careers in my lifetime that fill my heart with joy. Okay, back to soap. I have always been on a  “hobby” journey, dabbling in various things. A coworker brought me a sample of soap she had made and I was in awe that she had created such a unique, wonderful smelling soap. I wanted to learn the art so I took to YouTube and Google. That same day I went out and bought minimal supplies, gave it a shot and fell in love. What did I fall in love with? The whole process. Planning, mixing, designing, learning, and creating. Now I want to share my soaps with you! I hope you love and enjoy my soaps as much as I love and enjoy making them! That was short…ish, right?